Pay Per Click Services in Washington DC

Maximize Impressions with PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can get you on the first page of Google and other search engines almost instantly. The benefit of working with our seasoned PPC experts is that we know how to not only create ads that display, but ones that generate clicks from the right potential customers.

You may be wondering how showing up on the first page of results could ever be a bad thing. But when you’re paying money to attract visitors that aren’t actually interested in your company’s products or services, it won't do you any good. Clicks that don't generate revenue are essentially money down the drain.

More than First Page Results with our PPC Experts

Our experienced PPC campaign managers will create campaigns to get your ad seen by the people most likely to covert to customers. Plus, we’ll craft the ad so it’s irresistible for your target audience. When they click it and end up on your website, they're likely to convert - and bring in revenue for your company.

Plus, our campaign managers allow you to set an exact budget, which you'll only spend when a visitor actually clicks on your ad.

We’ll Manage your PPC Campaigns for Optimal Performance

You have other projects and responsibilities, and managing your PPC campaigns can be overwhelming. When you work with us, we’ll establish your campaigns by researching the best keywords that will drive the most targeted traffic to your site. Your dedicated account manager will regularly review your results, tweaking your campaign to ensure continued success. With our PPC experts, you’ll get A/B testing of your PPC ads to determine which perform best. We take the guesswork out of PPC campaigns, and manage the maintenance so you don't have to.

Precise PPC Campaigns

Just as we set up two ads with only one minor difference to see which gets the best results, we'll take other measures to ensure that your PPC campaigns are successful.

One of the most important is keyword research. Many companies starting their first PPC campaign assume the keywords with the highest searches will get them the best results. This is a common mistake.

What companies fail to realize is that the higher the search volume, the more competition. That means you'll have to bid higher (and pay more) for the same amount of visitors.

Reverse this thinking by choosing keywords and phrases that have lower volume, but are more highly targeted. Our specialists know how to get your PPC campaign to its sweetest spot: the highest number of results with the highest number of clicks by those most likely to convert to customers.

Scalable Solutions for Your Budget

Your individual goals and budget determine your PPC campaigns. For example, what is a lead worth to you? Based on this figure, along with your budget, our PPC team will determine the best strategy so you enjoy the greatest amount of conversions.

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