SEO Copywriting

In-House SEO Copywriting Services in Washington, DC

One of the main features that all sites have in common is that they utilize content to bring users through the customer journey and hopefully encourage them to complete a conversion on the site. Without this content educating customers on what sets you apart from the competition, you would not be able to continue appealing to your users and in turn lose visibility. By building content that is innovative, interactive and compelling, you will be able to set yourself apart from the growing competition and stand apart as the leader in your industry.

By combining strong copywriting and SEO best practices, you have the ability to create an effective online presence. With our full copywriting team in-house, we are able to deliver content that includes elements like keywords and other SEO elements that are not only natural sounding, but fully written with the user intent in mind. Our copywriting specialists are able to speak directly to your target audience with content that is created specifically for your site. This means that all content will be completely brand new, unique and natural.

With targeted and optimized content written by our SEO copywriting experts, your website will draw the attention of users, and in turn, help to increase visibility and ranking. The search engines web crawlers will see that your site is providing useful, relevant information to your users with careful and natural insertion of keywords. Because of this strong new copy and visibility, the search engine will start prioritizing your content, causing it to improve in rankings.

Content is the Foundation of SEO Success

The backbone of your SEO campaign relies on the content strategy and research that is put in place to ensure your audience is being targeted at all levels of the funnel. We will review your business, industry, target audience, challenges, goals and more. By understanding the successes and areas of opportunity for your business and industry, we will be able to pack a strong punch for successful content implementation.

Explore Our SEO Copywriting Service Plans

Website Copywriting

  • $300/page
  • Includes SEO Optimization and Implementation
  • 500 Words/Page
  • Up to 120 Minutes of Research

Content Refresh

  • $600/page
  • Includes SEO Optimization and Implementation
  • Analysis of Content 3+ Years Old
  • Up to 1-3 Custom Graphics

Skyscraper Content

  • $600/page
  • Includes SEO Optimization and Implementation
  • Up to 4 Hours Custom Formatting
  • Up to 15 Stock Photos or Graphics
  • Up to 3 Hours of Promotion

All of our plans can be customized to fit your business and website needs. Reach out to one of our team members to see the rest of the deliverables for each plan today!

Interactive Content for All Users

The content that is being written for your website is not like writing a typical sales copy because the search engine keeps the user experience and intent top of mind while it crawls and indexes your site. After taking many years to understand best practices of what the search engines are looking for, our team of experts are able to effectively create content with the user experience top of mind, while also making the website decipherable to crawlers. Additionally, as SEO best practices are continuously changing, our team is always on top of the latest trends and updates to ensure the strongest performance.

With easy-to-digest content that is naturally full of your targeted keywords, your website will rank and convert more effectively. With our team creating content as specialists in specific industries, your business and goals will be reflected strongly and accurately.

Ready to Take Your Site Content to the Next Level?

With years of experience and full in-house support, our copywriting team is able to leverage new traffic and visibility by targeting the right audience and creating a new competitive advantage to users at all stages of the buying funnel. At DC Web Design and Marketing, we are able to create content for any industry that reflects what makes your products or services unique, as well as position you as a leader amongst your competitors. Additionally, we are able to create new content that ranges from product descriptions, blogs, service pages and more.

With so much new content online each day, give your business a new competitive edge to stand out amongst the industry. Get a free quote for our copywriting service plans today!