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How a Website Redesign Can Transform Your Company

From time to time, a business may find that their online performance has begun to slack and a new strategy could be in order. If you have a website but it isn’t what it should be, it may be time to consider a redesign.

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In some ways, website redesign projects are more difficult than building a brand new site. You have to improve your image and optimize your site, but not change it so much that you become unrecognizable to your customers. Our website redesign specialists are masters of blending old concepts with new and innovative ideas for stellar results.

Why You Need a Website Redesign From Our DC Team

New technology and constant upgrades make the Internet a continuously transforming environment. Websites use code to project their final appearance to your visitors, and just one line of outdated code can wreak havoc on the way your site loads and displays. Visitors tend to not be very patient with websites that don’t work properly, so you risk losing leads with every error.

Our website redesign packages clean up that old, outdated code so your site performs the way it is supposed to, no matter the browser being used. Our team will also work to improve your performance with search engines, as bad code hurts their indexing efforts. When you correct the problem of last year’s technology, you’ll start ranking better in search engine results, which will in turn drive more traffic to your site and increase your conversions.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

No matter how much we might like to believe to the contrary, people are motivated by what is visually appealing to them. If it looks good, we try it. And if it doesn’t, well... we don’t. By selecting a website redesign for your company, you can meet this demand for visual appeal and increase the interaction between your site and your customers.

That being said, you likely don't have to do a complete overhaul unless you want to. The goal is to improve upon what you already have to create a site that is easier to navigate, more organized, and more attractive than before while ranking better with the search engines. Sometimes all it takes is a few tweaks, while other times a more intensive strategy is in order. In any event, anything that makes your site easier to use while preserving or improving your image is good for conversions and good for your company.

If you want to keep your conversions up or improve upon them, you need to be willing to upgrade with the rest of the Internet. You need to stay current and relevant to your audience with an innovative and interesting look. Website redesign projects accomplish exactly that.

At the same time, our designs are designed to be easy for search engines to crawl and let searchers know that your site is relevant. If you want to increase your rankings and conversions while improving your aesthetics and user friendliness, talk to us about our website redesignpackages today.

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